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-Laos: Christians Forced from Worship and Homes at Gunpoint

by Dr. D ~ February 24th, 2010

Laos (dark green) / ASEAN (dark grey)
(Laos via Wikipedia)

According to Compass Direct, last month more than 100 local Lao officials in Katin village of Ta-Oyl district, Saravan Province forced 48 Christians to leave their worship service by gunpoint.

Then the officials marched them 4 miles out of town and left them there to fend for themselves.

Guards have been posted at the entrance of the village to keep the Christian families from coming back unless they renounce the Christian faith. Meanwhile, the 11 Christian homes in the village have been confiscated along with most of the possessions.

This is not the first time that Katin village officials have forced Christians to renounce their faith or leave. The Katin village leaders have declared that spirit worship is the only acceptable form of worship in their community and that other religious groups will not be tolerated.

Laos is suppose to have freedom of religion guaranteed by their constitution but local officials continue to ignore the laws of their own country even though provincial officials in the past have asked them to respect the rights of religious minorities.

Meanwhile, the government of  Laos is communist and really not sympathetic to plight of the Christians or any other religious group for that matter.

We really do need to keep these folks in our prayers.                       *Top

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5 Responses to -Laos: Christians Forced from Worship and Homes at Gunpoint

  1. donkeo

    I am a citizen of Laos, but I am ashamed of you, who is blind, even under his own feet, do not see anything that’s because you’ve never been nowhere except in Laos, I once thought that communism is an ideal, not yet visited abroad. Then opened my eyes, I saw what was happening in the world, as Laos is far from freedom and human rights. I once also thought that people who escaped, were traitors, but escaped more than one person, but a million Laotians. And now I realized that deeply mistaken, as they fled the place where respect human rights and freedoms. You can not live in a country where its people are killed for what he expresses his opinion and defend their rights!
    You fought, but you forget to whom fought on which side you fought, and in general, what you fought, you fought for what would be millions of Lao citizens have been forced to flee their homeland, and was the camp in large refuge camps in Thailand and more hundred thousand died in correctional camps and hundreds of thousands of people were not able to swim across the Mekong River and hundreds of thousands remain in detention without charge or trial. Here is something for which you have shed their blood and gave his life for this monstrous killer-communist, not whether they were planted many Lao students, who is Laotian people who wanted to defend their rights and their honor to live in a democratic state. But now, Laos is practically a colony of China and Vietnam, which do not respect human rights and freedoms that you wanted and fought for independence and is called the Lao People’s Democratic Republic where there is absolutely no smell is not a democracy, I have room for growth in the city sam nuae where at the end 70 and the beginning of 80, the Communists with their bulldozers demolished the old wool and stupas which is landmark in the city, instead of what would show the tourists and the world as it is in the city of Luang Prabang, and now they’re gone from our own stupidity and what do you call a country which rewrote the and wipe its history, which means there is no past and no future. And who gave the mandate to collect all assets of the rich Chinese and Vietnamese parts of the city sam nuae, just because they sell only to the market and do not work on a State or an official, and all where the money will go only to build homes for governors and officials of the province, if you do not know, I can remind you of the name of the governor, his name is Sayyavong. Ask any man in the city sam nuae they will tell you. I read a lot of articles about Laos, I felt ridiculous and at the time and heavily, that we have until there is not any kind of democracy and freedom. In the articles written that we have a curfew to 23 hours, so I thought that everything in Laos, the elderly living alone, although the United Nations Statistics Laos is the youngest with an average age of 18 years more than 60% if, as officials said that this is only in order to reduce crime. Where do the police let their guard after a robot. So why pay them to give, they gave that money to the police that would prohibit human freedom, and yet in the article wrote that the foreigners have no right to contact or sex with a Lao citizens. They are all foreigners believe the animals, I think so because such a law is not one country in the world except Laos. I think everyone has the right to decide for himself who wants to be, and who is in his heart, soul, body, and love. This person must decide for itself. Or, for example, to prosecute and put those who profess the faith of Christians, but because each one has the right to life and confession of faith. But the Communists have such concepts simply do not. I am sorry that I can show you a film about the Holodomor in the Soviet Union, where the Communists killed millions of his people, and collected the last man a piece of bread. Although now the Soviet Union was gone and never return, because people will understand who is in fact a Communist. But sorry for our country until still holds the ideal way ubivtsy Communists. I think freedom and human rights, we must learn both the law which decides how the European Court in Stockholm, rather than in China or Vietnam, which do not comply with any rules of any democratic rights. As the proverb “to listen to Laos as rice growing.” I think it is time we must stand up and fight for their rights and freedom, if not for yourself, at least for the sake of their children or grandchildren. And more recently wanted to ask the officials of the Communists: – “where you fight against corruption, where Laos was at the 155th place among 162 countries published. I wanted to show you a story about a tourist who, he wrote in the block of the Internet, I copied them and wanted to show you think you want to know how our officials are struggling with corruption, now read: Heard from an Australian young man about his misfortune which happened the night before –
    “It was Christmas Eve, and so like everyone else, my friend and I were drinking in a bar with music and friends till late at night. Suddenly, a group of local men dressed in police uniforms confronted us. They said we took drugs, and they have to take us to the police station. Of course we didn’t! We only drank beer. But they refused to listen to us, and hand-cuffed us. Outnumbered, we only had to obey the orders. Back at the “station” which was a room of some sorts, they asked for our passports which we didn’t have with us. I went back to get them, while they took my friend for hostage. Meanwhile I called up my Embassy to tell them the situation, but they said they couldn’t do anything (because it is works like that in the country) and suggested that I could only pay them! When I returned, they took the passports, (otherwise they won’t let my friend off). One man gave me a piece of paper and asked me to write a confession letter. I refused because I really didn’t take drugs! But he kept insisting and threatened me. Eventually I wrote, “I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever in my life take drugs”. The man grabbed the paper and used another pen and struck out “never ever…”. I was horrified and shouted at him. He said, you have to go to jail for 1 year. ”

    “Later, I realized there were other people/foreigners in the same boat as me, about 12 of them in total (in another room), and a fair share of men and women. Finally, the man said, unless you pay me. USD500 each person. We bargained, and in the end, all of us each paid him and his gang USD300 before they let us go.”

    “I called my Embassy again, and they again said the same thing about not having the authority to interfere and the best way is probably to just pay them. Anyway, it just so happened that we recognized those guys last night on the streets today in plain clothes and laughing away! It is just so infuriating that this con-men can escape from justice freely.”

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  3. Azalee Parado

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