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-Obama’s New Healthcare Plan: It Has Abortion Funding Whether You Want it or Not

by Dr. D ~ February 23rd, 2010

President Obama delivering his remarks
(Image by House Committee on Education and Labor via Flickr)

On Monday President Obama presented his new heathcare program for all to see for the first time. Abortion funding is included in the new proposal even though pro-life Democrats and nearly all Republicans oppose it.

A couple of weeks ago the President said that he was going to more open this time to the concerns of the Republicans and some in his own party.  Now he seems to be telling us that we are going to get abortion funding  whether we want it or not?

The new proposal is a ‘more of the same’ near copy of the Senate version which pro-life Democrats in the House have already said that they could not support.  Also the bill does not contain any protections for pro-life doctors and nurses who would not want to participate in abortions for ethical and religious reasons.

The President has scheduled a televised affair for Thursday on the Healthcare proposal. At first he had said that during that time he was going to entertain other ideas and proposals. Now in the last week or so the climate has changed and the TV event looks like it’s only going to be a PR opportunity for the President to present his already cooked plan.

Now the dirty little secret is out that the administration and the Congressional leaders plan on by-passing the usual way bills of this nature are passed and plan send it through a ‘reconciliation ‘ process like budgets receive approval.

If they follow through with this scenario and use this questionable parliamentary maneuver then only 51 votes are needed in the Senate and a bare majority in the House to get it done.

In essence and in the final analysis, by this action the President will be telling the American people who oppose his healthcare program and abortion funding in particular:  ‘You are going to get it whether you want it or not’!            *Top

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