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-Can Evangelical Christians Support LGBT Folk in Any Way?

by Dr. D ~ February 22nd, 2010

Gay Flag
(Image by Remon Rijper via Flickr)

A new campaign called ‘Believe Out Loud’ has been launched to encourage Christians to not only support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people but to speak out and not be silent. The new movement is primarily targeting mainline denominations hoping that their influence and voices will heard and make inroads into the Christian community.

My question is this- Can evangelical Christians (those who still believe in the authority of the Bible) support LGBT folk in anyway?

Yes. In the following ways:

1. I believe that we can and should be respectful, loving, and accepting of gays and lesbians that we come in contact with everyday—at work, as neighbors, in our own family, even in our churches.

2. We can support the basic civil rights of LGBT folk—the right not to be mistreated or discriminated against on the job and in housing.

3. I happen to believe that we can support ‘domestic partnership’ laws which give LGBT couples the same legal rights as married folk.

Where do we draw the line?:

1. We don’t have to accept or agree with their lifestyle. We can actually abhor it along with other sinful behaviors that the Bible is clear on.

2. LGBT folks are Biblically excluded from leadership positions in the church along with everyone else who continues to live in a sinful lifestyle.

3. Support for traditional marriage as defined between one man and one woman. Opposition to any other form including same–sex, and polygamy.


The yeses are not enough for most Gay rights activists who consider evangelical churches to be the enemy. Rightly so if their goal is to make the LGBT lifestyle totally acceptable to everyone including the Christian community.

The Believe Out Loud group is really another attempt to weaken the opposition to same-sex marriage and drown out traditional Christian voices using the power and authority of liberal mainline churches.               *Top

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