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-China: Demand for Bibles Outstripping Supply

by Dr. D ~ February 20th, 2010

Chinese Bible
(Chinese Bible by Wesley Fryer via Flickr)

Although China maintains the largest Bible printing plant in the world, the demand for Bibles continues to outstrip the supply.

According to the UK based Bible Society, more than 500,000 Chinese convert to Christianity every year so the demand for the word of God is not going to let up anytime soon.

Part of the problem, the Chinese government allows the 4 million or so Chinese Bibles printed each year to be distributed only through their official government sponsored denomination- Three Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) bookstores which are mostly in major cities.

Most of the Christians in China attend non-official house churches that are in poor rural areas. The books are too expensive for many poor rural folks even though they are subsidized by the Bible Society.

Although many mission groups bring Bibles into China it still is somewhat illegal and the government does occasionally crack down on non-official Bible distributors and bookstores.

Response: In the final analysis, the lack of Bibles in China continues to be a problem which caused by the government itself even though they publically claim to print more Bibles than any other country in the world. Fact is, many of the Bibles are printed in other languages and sold around the world rather than in rural China where they continue to need them.

The Bible plant has become a PR success for the government and a cash cow to boot.               *Top

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1 Response to -China: Demand for Bibles Outstripping Supply

  1. Curly

    China is a dictatorship. They persecute churches. They’re not the only country. There are others such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Algeria, Somalia, Pakistan, Libya, and more. That has to stop. That is one reason why we have the list known as Country of Particular Concern here in America where there is religious freedom and our Churches are safe from persecution for now.

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