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-America: Christianity Losing Out to Secular Humanism?

by Dr. D ~ February 18th, 2010

image Christian apologist Ken Ham recently talked about the current ‘state’ of America and observed that the prevailing world view in the country was changing and secular humanism was replacing Christianity as the norm:

"Whatever we (America) once were, we are no longer. We have changed."

"Most of the founding fathers of this nation … built the worldview of this nation on the authority of the Word of God. Because of that, there have been reminders in this culture concerning God’s Word, the God of creation."

"A historic transition is occurring, barely noticed. Slowly, quietly, imperceptibly, religion is shriveling in America, as it already has in Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan – across the developed world. Increasingly, supernatural faith belongs to the third world. The first world is entering the long-predicted Secular Age, when science and knowledge dominate."

Ham goes on to challenge Christians and the church:

"Who is on the Lord’s side? Who is prepared to stand unashamedly on God’s Word in this nation?"

Response: Ham makes some valid points but are we really past the point of no return in America? Maybe, maybe not. Is the country really following other Western countries down the secular path? If you view the media and the academic realm in this country you would certainly think so.

The church does need to stand up and clearly enunciate a Biblical world view. Unfortunately this is not the case with many mainline churches.

Recent polling of American Christians show that many no longer consider the Christian faith to be the only path to God nor his Son Jesus to be the only door to salvation. This includes a large number of evangelicals who belong to churches who remain faithful to the Word of God. This indicates that the dominant secular culture may becoming more influential in the lives of many Christians than their churches and their faith?

Well, I am not ready to concede the battle. I still believe that a new ‘awakening’ or revival could reverse this trend in a dramatic way. Is God done with America? I don’t think so—at least not yet.                 *Top

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