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-Saudi Arabia: Celebrate Valentine’s and The Religious Police Will Get You

by Dr. D ~ February 14th, 2010

Hearts and Candy
(Valentine’s candy by Rdoke via Flickr)

Valentine’s Day is outlawed in Saudi Arabia. It is considered against their religion.

In Fact during this time of the year even possessing red roses, Heart shaped boxes, or gifts wrapped in red will get you in trouble with the famed Saudi ‘Religious police’. Violate the law and you are in for a number of lashes.

The Saudi police have been inspecting businesses for the last week or so looking for the tell-tale red signs of the violators.

Because St. Valentine’s Day is named after Christian saint it is considered a Christian holiday and therefore banned by the Saudi religious authorities.

Response: This just shows how deep the cultural and religious divide is between some Muslim countries and in this case Saudi Arabia and the West. I don’t know anyone who considers this a ‘religious’ holiday anymore. Nevertheless the day of love is out and could get you lashes and maybe even a jail term. Wow!

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