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-Israel Was Wiped off the Map in Target

by Dr. D ~ February 6th, 2010

image I wonder if this is what Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had in mind last week when he said that Israel is going to be wiped off the map? For nearly a month Target was selling globes in their 1744 stores that showed ‘Palestine’ prominently listed on the map instead of Israel.

To be fair, The globe has been pulled off the shelf after numerous complaints and is no longer for sale at the Target stores since last Sunday.

But before the company finally responded, Target’s customer relations spokesperson Amy Reilly claimed that the ‘mistake’ happened because there wasn’t enough room for ‘Israel’. Of course there was plenty of space on the map for the larger word ‘Palestine’ instead?

The manufacturer also claimed ignorance and apologized for the mistake saying that the product was made for them in China and that they would be discontinuing their sale.

Response: Incredible! I guess the globe makers just wanted to make sure their maps were up to date just in case Iran does follow through with their many threats against Israel.

Now what to do with thousands of rejected globes? I wouldn’t feel too sorry for the manufacturer.

They could become popular among some PC liberal and European types who constantly make a point of referring to the country as ‘Palestine’. Besides all of those ‘mistakes’ could ultimately find a welcome market in the Middle East.               *Top

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