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-Bhutan: Christianity seen as a Threat

by Dr. D ~ February 3rd, 2010

Map of Bhutan
(Bhutan via Wikipedia)

Christianity continues to be seen as a threat to the rulers of this small mountain Kingdom of 670,000 people.

Buddhism is closely linked to the monarchy in Bhutan with the King being both the official religious and political leader in the nation.

Even though a new constitution was adopted in 2008 that gave the people greater freedoms in the country, Christianity remains somewhat illegal and Christians must meet to worship informally in houses since they are not allowed to build churches. The country remains a Buddhist monarchy that considers Christianity a threat to their culture and life.

Christians are said to number between 3,000-6,000 in the country and come from the lowest uneducated strata of the society. Sound Christian teaching also is said to be naturally lacking in the Christian community since there are no leaders with any formal training to speak of.

Although there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of persecution against Christians, the authorities would rather have only one religion in the country. They view Christianity as a cause of division among the people and would rather keep Bhutan substantially Buddhist.

Response: From a Christian perspective when it comes to the ‘Great Commission’ (Matt. 28:18-20) Bhutan remains on the list whether they want to be or not. I know people who have been praying over that country for more than 20 years. Eventually the gospel will reach far more than the 6,000 or so it has touched to date.

Please make this nation a part of your prayers. Remember, the King could change it all in a moment. I’m taking about Jesus but what if the King of Bhutan was converted. What would happen then?               *Top

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