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-Iraq Desecrating Tomb of Ezekiel and Plans to Build a Mosque over It

by Dr. D ~ February 1st, 2010

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The Iraqi government is in the process of erasing all of the historical Hebrew and Jewish markings on the Tomb of Ezekiel and plans to build a huge new mosque over the site. The burial site of Ezekiel is located in Al-Kifl, just south of Baghdad and has been a pilgrimage destination for Jews and Christians for centuries.

The new plans for the site were reported the first week of January by Ur News, the Iraqi news agency. Meanwhile, Shelomo Alfassa, Director of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries, responded (Link to source no longer valid):

(Iraq’s Antiquities & Heritage Authority) “has been pressured by Islamists to historically cleanse all evidence of a Jewish connection to Iraq – a land where Jews had lived for over a thousand years before the advent of Islam.”

The desecration of the tomb is taking place under “the pretext of restoring the site.”

Response: Shades of the Taliban and 1,400 year old Buddha sculptures.  Another case where Islamic officials are involved with trying to erase and eliminate the artifacts of another religion.

Is this why we sacrificed so much to free the Iraqi people? So that they could become radical Islamists and erase the Jewish heritage from their land and persecute Christians?

This is an outrage! Also, the story has gotten almost no attention from the world media.                *Top

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