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-Now You Can’t Even Shake Your Head in Disagreement with This President?

by Dr. D ~ January 29th, 2010

Look at the video of Justice Alito slightly shaking his head and mouthing something in disagreement with the President over his scolding of the recent Supreme Court decision partially reversing Campaign Finance law. President Obama embarrassed the whole court—notice that none of the justices responded in a positive way. But somehow Justice Alito is singled out because some far away camera catches him shaking his head? It was obviously a personal response and not meant to be a public display.

There are over-the-top responses are all over the Internet—some idiots are even asking if there is some way for the justice to be recalled or impeached for that ‘huge’ lapse of protocol.

Doesn’t anyone even slightly remember all of the contortions, frowns, boos, shaking of the fists, and even standing with there backs toward President Bush from the Democrat side during several of his State of the Union presentations? Private shaking of the head and mouthing some indistinct words is minor compared to what happened on those occasions.

Here’s a few folks who even say that Pres. Obama was wrong in his critical remarks.

Ed Whelan ( president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center) responded to the President’s remarks and the Alito response:

“He got everything wrong,and was using the occasion to try to intimidate the justices with his reckless rhetoric.”

“He (Alito) wasn’t mugging for the camera,” Whelan said, “it’s just that President Obama’s gross misstatement solicited from him his honest and discreet reaction.”

Also, Jay Sekulow ( chief counsel with the American Center for Law and Justice) disagreed with what the President had to say:

“It did not turn over a century of precedent. It did not allow for foreign groups to invest money into U.S. political campaigns. That is particularly prohibited under that particular statute, and that was not challenged in this case. So, the president was wrong as a matter of fact and wrong as a matter of law.”

This is not the only place where President Obama was found to be wrong or stretching it a bit. Even the AP who usually fonds over this President was shaking their collective heads after finding at least 10 ‘fact check’ errors ‘ in the speech.            *Top

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