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-Now Even Mother Teresa is Under Assault?

by Dr. D ~ January 23rd, 2010

Mother Teresa of Calcutta (26.8.1919-5.9.
(Mother Teresa via Wikipedia)

The US Postal Service is coming out with a new stamp honoring Mother Teresa.

In response, the Freedom From Religion Foundation assailed the choice and asserted that the famous nun who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her relief work among the poor and destitute  of Calcutta, India, should not be honored because she is (gasp!) a religious figure.

The FFRF group is counseling their members to write letters of protests to the USPS in an attempt to stop production and issuance of the new stamp.

Mother Teresa was Catholic, however Hindu leaders have applauded the new stamp and consider it an honor for all of India. Mother Teresa was born in Albania but spent most of her life in India serving the poor. She was given an honorary U.S. citizenship in 1996 in recognition of her example and service to all humanity.

The Pacific Justice Institute will be sending a letter to the USPS offering legal support for  the Mother Teresa stamp. PJI President Brad Dacus commented:

“Just when you think the atheists and anti-religionists have run out of things to complain about, they attack Mother Teresa, one of the great role models of the last century. We are encouraging anyone who has been inspired by Mother Teresa to join us in writing letters of appreciation to the U.S. Postal Service to counter the ridiculous complaints they are receiving from the FFRF.”

Comments of support for the stamp may be sent to the Postal Service via its website, http://www.usps.com. Also you can write the USPS at the following addresses:

Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee
Stamp Department, USPS
1735 N. Lynn Street, Suite 5013
Arlington, VA 22209-6432

Consumer Advocate
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 10433
Washington, D.C. 20260-2200

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