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-Guess Who Pres. Obama Blames Massachusetts Vote On!

by Dr. D ~ January 22nd, 2010

Guess who President Obama blames the recent vote in Massachusetts on. That’s right, Bush. Incredible, but here he is in an interview with George Stephanopoulos:

“And here’s my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts, but the mood around the country.

The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office.

People are angry, and they’re frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.”

So there you have it, the election of a Republican Senator in the Democratic blue state of Massachusetts didn’t have anything to do with him or his policies over the last year but people were still angry over the 8 years of Bush. Then he goes on and ties the banks into it all and blames them also:

“You’ve got really hard-working folks all across the country, who have seen their wages flat line and their incomes flat line.

They feel more secure than ever. Then suddenly you’ve got this bank crisis in which their 401Ks are evaporating, their home values — their single-biggest investment — is collapsing.

And here in Washington — from their perspective — the only thing that happens is that we bail out the banks.”

Response: So let’s get this straight. It was Bush and the banks that caused the independents and nearly 30% of the Democrats in Massachusetts to vote for a Republican that spent most of his time campaigning against ObamaCare, trillion $ deficits and the Congressional Democrat tax and spend policies? Ok.            *Top

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