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-Obama’s First Year: Massachusetts Speaks for Us all?

by Dr. D ~ January 20th, 2010

Barack Obama on the Primary
(President Obama by jurvetson via Flickr)

In many respects, the Senate election in Massachusetts yesterday was Barack Obama’s report card for his first year. It was never intended to be that way but in reality that is exactly what it turned out to be. A couple of weeks ago Obama gave himself a B+ or A- but the voters of Massachusetts gave him a different grade entirely.

In the bluest of ‘blue’ states where Democratic party affiliation is nearly three times that of the Republican Party it seems like an impossible scenario to think that a Republican would be elected to Ted Kennedy’s old seat but that is exactly what has happened.

Scott Brown soundly defeated Martha Coakley the Democratic candidate yesterday but in process of the campaign more often than not he was actually running against the policies and excesses of President Obama and the leftist Congressional leaders—particularly the gargantuan Health Care bill and the $Trillions in deficit spending.

After one year, how is that ‘hope and change’ working out for you? The voters of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts decided that it wasn’t working out so well and responded with a change of their own. Now President Obama’s agenda is in trouble.

A recent poll showed that far less than 49% would vote for the President if the election was held today. Most of the moderates that put Obama in office are already regretting their vote just one year later. A very good case could be made for the fact that the voters of Massachusetts were speaking for the entire country with their vote yesterday.

A presidency that began with so much hope and good will from so many seems to have used up all of its credits in the first year.

What are the results after 12 months? –A major recession with no end in sight–over 10% unemployment on top of even more ‘underemployment’, a tripling of the national debt after everyone was critical of the Bush deficits —government control over the auto and banking industry with plans to destroy one of the best health care systems in the world in order to supposedly make it better. Oh yes, with the specter of a ‘cap and trade’ climate policy that would limit business even further and drive us even deeper into debt and recession plus a run away ultra-liberal/socialist agenda that promises more of the same.

Is this the change that everyone voted for in November 2008? All we can say is -thank you Massachusetts for bringing us the possibility of a ‘new’  hope and change.            *Top

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