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-Senate Candidate Coakley: Catholics Probably Shouldn’t Work in Health Care

by Dr. D ~ January 15th, 2010

Massachusetts Senate candidate Democrat Martha Coakley obviously cares nothing about religious freedom. When asked to respond to the Catholic Bishops push to address abortion in the Health Care bill and the right of healthcare workers of conscience not to participate she said:

“But we have separation of church and state here let’s be clear…”

"You can have religious freedom… you probably shouldn’t work in an emergency room."

Hear for yourself what Coakley has to say in the following video:

Response: What Coakley has to say here is scary. She is the State Attorney General and should be knowledgeable about the Constitution. However her take on the ‘religious freedom’ and the First Amendment leaves a lot to be desired.

For her the so-called separation clause seems to mean that the church is subservient to the state and people of faith merely have the freedom to be marginalized by the law.

This is the complete opposite of what the originators of the Constitution intended in the Bill of Rights in the first place. They were supposed to limit the powers of government rather than extent them.            *Top

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