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-Malaysia: 4 Churches Fire-Bombed over Christian Use of ‘Allah’

by Dr. D ~ January 10th, 2010

(Map of Malaysia by hummers86 via Flickr)

Allah is the recognized name of God in the Malay language and has been used by Muslims and Christians a like forever.

Then last year the Muslim authorities in this 90+% Muslim dominated country tried to outlaw the use of the name by Christians in literature, books, and Bible translations.

However, a recent court ruling supported the Christians and will allow a Catholic newspaper to continue using Allah in its Malay-language editions.

The Muslims rioted in response to the ruling on Friday and since then have Fire-bombed 4 Christian churches. Fortunately no one has been hurt so far and the government has stepped in and promised to help the Christians rebuild. Still the Christian community is concerned about their safety in this Muslim dominated country. Christians only account for 9% of the population, although the numbers have been increasing dramatically in recent years which started the whole controversy in the first place.

Response: Why is it that Muslim riots always seem to start after Friday services at the mosques? Obviously the mullahs must be inciting it in some way.

We are told that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ and that ‘Jihad’ is merely a personal spiritual ‘struggle’ to become better. These kind of actions seem to be so typical of the Muslim religion around the world and belie those PC platitudes.

Plus, we almost never hear any so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims publically condemn the actions of their more radical brothers.            *Top

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