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-Horrible Ugandan Anti-Gay ‘Death’ Bill and the NY Times Hit Piece

by Dr. D ~ January 5th, 2010

Articles about the horrible Ugandan anti-gay bill that would subject homosexuals to prison and death have been circulating on the internet for more than a month. Yesterday the NY Times did a hit piece on the issue but the real target of the article was American pastors and Christian leaders both directly and implied.

It is a fact that Ugandan Christian pastors initiated and are supporting the bill. It is also a fact that American Evangelical pastors have had ties to some of those pastors and three American Christian leaders conducted a conference on Homosexuality in Uganda. It is also true that mega-pastor Rick Warren had a close relationship with some of the key Ugandan pastors involved in the bill.

But that is where the NY Times story breaks down. The facts given in the Times article are true but there are also numerous facts about this issue that are left out and the piece ends up being slanted against American pastors and leaders and implies that the American evangelicals were responsible for laying the foundation for the bill if not directly encouraging it.

This charge against American pastors has been all over the Internet but it is rather disconcerting when the supposed ‘newspaper of record’ gets on board and becomes a propaganda tool for gay rights anti-Christian bigotry.

Here are some of the facts that NY Times slanted in the article:

1.  In regards to the three leaders that conducted a conference in Uganda, the times says that they are now ‘on the defensive’. That really doesn’t even begin to explain how much these leaders openly deplore and oppose the bill or any measure that would bring violence, prison, or a death sentence to homosexuals.

2. Pastor Rick Warren has been castigated by numerous articles circulating around the net implicating him in the bill because of his close relationship with several of the pastors involved with initiating it. There were calls for him to condemn the pastors and the bill early on and critics were all over him for not following through. Now he has condemned the bill but that doesn’t seem to be enough for the critics or the Times as they seem to continue to question his involvement (See and hear for yourself what Warren has to say about it in the video above).

It is my understanding that pastor Rick refrained from commenting on the bill for over a month while he worked behind the scenes using what influence he did have trying to get the Ugandan pastors to change their mind on supporting the bill. Now the Ugandan pastors are quite unhappy with the pastor.

Here are a couple of major facts not represented in the article:

1. Hundreds and perhaps by now thousands of American pastors and Christian leaders from all denominations have gone on record opposing the bill and many have sent petitions and documents to the Ugandan government. Meanwhile, many evangelical leaders continue to try to work behind the scenes to get the Ugandan pastors to see how wrong the bill really is.

2. Not one American Christian leader or pastor has come out in favor of the bill or any measure that would condone or prescribe violence against homosexuals. I’m sure there is probably some unaffiliated non-denominational nut-burger group somewhere that might be sympathetic to it—maybe that crazy family supposedly ‘Baptist’ church that shows up all the time at funerals.

In sum total, the NY Times article and many similar articles circulating on the Net are in reality propaganda hit pieces against American Christianity. The whole focus seems to be upon American Christian leaders and less upon the horrible bill itself or the African Ugandan environment that produced it.

In truth, as the writer of the article admits, the Ugandan bill has become a cause celeb and “a far-flung front line in the American culture wars”. This is really shame, for once gay rights activists and American Christian leaders are potentially on the same side and could be working together to defeat the measure rather than play this petty blame game.            *Top

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