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-2010: What I Look Forward To and Not

by Dr. D ~ January 1st, 2010

(Image by georgia.g via Flickr)

Happy New Year!  2010 has finally arrived and just in the nick of time, 2009 had surely worn out its welcome.

What I’m Looking Forward To

1. Revival

I am hoping and praying for a revival of the Christian faith in America to begin in 2010.

The doomsayers continue to talk about our demise and downfall. The 20th century had been named the ‘American Century’ by many historians because of the rise of the United States as a major world power both economically and militarily beginning in 1900.

However at the close of the first decade of the 21th century there is considerable talk that America is in decline. Certainly with the current economic recession there seems to be merit with that assessment.

Regardless, from my perspective, the real decline in America began in the last thirty years or so as the dominant culture left behind its Christian beginnings and the Judeo-Christian moral foundation that made this country and people great.

This nation has gone through several revivals which transformed the country including “The Great Awakening” just before the Revolutionary War.

I am praying and hoping for another ‘Great Awakening’ to enliven the nation once more with a new hope and purpose.

2. End of The Recession

That’s it –short and sweet.

What I am Not Looking Forward To

1. A New World Currency and Government

There seems to be a lot of talk about a new world currency and new world government. A new world currency that replaces the American Dollar as the medium for world trade and exchange could be catastrophic for an American economy that  is already in the middle of a major recession.

Also, a new world authority or government could affect the freedoms we have under our Constitution.

There is talk about putting the United Sates under the purview of the World court at the Hague. Also at the recent global warming conference at Copenhagen there was talk about establishing some kind of world forum to regulate the adherence to some kind of climate treaty.

All of these things could affect the independence of the United States and our freedoms if we become subject to the rulings of international courts and economic boards and/or international climate authority.

2. A Nuclear Iran

Iran is the major reason for some of my greatest fears for 2010. The Iranians keep marching toward obtaining a nuclear weapon. Their President on numerous occasions has made it plain that he would like to destroy Israel. Meanwhile, the Israelis are pretty open about their plans to eliminate any Iranian nuclear threat.

I have literally read dozens of intelligence articles that claim that Iran will probably have their nuclear weapon ready sometime in 2010.

If the Israelis do end up attacking Iran this year it could be catastrophic to the oil business in the Middle East and shut down shipments of oil to the West and thereby cause an even greater recession than we now have. Can you imagine gasoline at $7 or $8 per gallon and the consequences?

I am hoping against hope for the Obama administration to step in and alleviate the Iranian threat. Also I am praying for a regime change in Iran—one that is  less radical to replace the current Islamic Republic.

3. The Rise of Turkey –A New Islamic Caliphate

The government of Turkey is trying to put together a new Middle Eastern economic union similar to Europe. For over 30 years Turkey has been trying to become a part of the European Union and was thwarted in their every attempt.

Now the current administration is far more Islamic and is trying to become the lead nation in the Middle East instead.

Since WWII, Turkey has been close to the US and Israel and an important part of NATO. All of that is now changing and the new leaders of Turkey are in the process of completing new treaties with Iran, Syria, and Jordan with a view toward establishing a new Islamic union and caliphate.

This development has real potential for changing the balance of power in both Europe and the Middle East—and not for the better from an American perspective.             *Top

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