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-US Foreign Service: Now Heterosexual Partners want Same Benefits as Gays?

by Dr. D ~ December 26th, 2009

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(Couple Image by hophoptuing via Flickr)

Now unmarried heterosexual domestic partners are asking for the same benefits that Gay and lesbian partners receive working for the US Foreign Service.

File this under the category of unintended consequences. In June, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton pushed to extend the traditional federal benefits for diplomat spouses to gay and lesbian partners. Now Foreign Service heterosexual partners are asking for the same consideration and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management is considering it. After all, the precedent has already been set and there is really no rationale for denying the benefits to unmarried heterosexuals also.

Meanwhile this could potentially cost the US government billions if every government department follows suit at a time when most departments are having a hard time meeting their budgets during a major recession as it is.

Response: Traditional marriage and families have always been considered the building blocks of our society. Benefits and tax credits have followed in support. The supporters of gay rights have always claimed that receiving domestic partner benefits would not affect marriage and families in any way.

However, now heterosexual domestic partners are asking for the same benefits that Gays and married couples receive and there is probably no legal way to stop this. As the costs to the government rise to meet the new demands the benefits for everyone will either have to be cut or new taxes raised to meet the increase. Also, eventually businesses will be force to follow down the same path.

In the process, the unique place and benefits of traditional marriage in America will naturally decrease. Already in this generation unmarried domestic partnership is on the rise and more children than ever are being raised in unmarried households. Is this really good for America? I think not.

This really doesn’t bode well for the future of America which became strong and was built upon the foundation of a Biblical understanding of marriage and family.            *Top

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