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-Riverside, CA: Neo-Nazis Protest at Synagogue During Hanukkah Celebration

by Dr. D ~ December 21st, 2009

image Neo-Nazis protested outside of a Jewish Reform Synagogue during the final night of Hanukkah on Friday night. Congregants at Temple Beth El in Riverside California were greeted by a dozen or so demonstrators waving red-and-black swastika flags outside of the synagogue as they gathered for Friday night services on the final day of Hanukkah.

Rabbi Suzanne Singer said that this was the third Neo-Nazi protest at the temple in recent months. The Rabbi tied it too a counter-protest attended by members of the synagogue who responded to a neo-Nazi demonstration at a day labor site at Home Depot in September.

Police were called but there were no real incidents or arrests and the services continued as usual in spite of the implied threat.

The final Hanukkah service was also attended by members of local churches and other groups who had been invited to participate. Temple Beth El President Kara Gilman said the strong turnout by church and community members at the service showed that most of the folks in Riverside do not support the message of the demonstrators.

Response: The whole thing is rather unsettling. Unfortunately even Neo-Nazis have a ‘free-speech’ right to protest in America but the punks should be plainly told that what they are doing is unconscionable. Particularly against a faith community that suffered millions of deaths under that same red and black Nazi flag.

I am really calling on and hoping that Christian Churches and individuals in the area will respond in mass with protests of their own against the Nazi scum the next time they show up to bother this synagogue with their unwanted flags.            *Top

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