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-The Joke that was at Copenhagen

by Dr. D ~ December 20th, 2009

image All you need to know is that they had one of the worst snow storms in years at the ‘global warming’ conference at Copenhagen. Was that God’s little joke on those scientists and world leaders who were gathered together to control His environment?

The conference began on the heals of all sorts of email ‘revelations’ that showed the world that many scientists were involved with stacking the evidence to ‘prove’ global warming. No one at the conference dared to deal with the ‘climategate’ issue and the conference actually went downhill from there regardless of the abundant display of pomp and circumstance.

As the delegates began to arrive at Copenhagen airport it became obvious that soon there would be no more room for all of the hundreds private jets that the supposed ‘emission saving’ proponents came on rather than travel on commercial flights with all of the common riffraff.

Then came the word that there was going to be a shortage of limos and the poor dears might have to double up or (gasp!) take a taxi instead like regular folks.

Even more hilarious, the Copenhagen prostitutes told the press at the beginning of the conference that they were going to do their part for ‘global warming’ and offer their service to the conferees for free—wooee!

Another funny/ironic episode involved a lecture by Nobel winner and former VP Al Gore. He pontificated that soon the Arctic ice would be no more —only to have the scientist he based his prediction on to publically contradict his prognostication.

Then there is the specter of Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez calling for the end of capitalism as his answer to environmental change—and he gets the biggest ovation of the conference –even larger than Pres. Obama would get?

Finally President Obama comes riding in on a white horse to save the day at the end of the conference only to be snubbed and rebuffed by China. China is holding $trillions of our treasury bills and maybe they are even more concerned about our economy than our own President?

The end result is really a pile of worthless words signifying nothing and affecting nothing. No real binding treaty was reached even though Obama tried to get everyone to commit to a worthless ‘agreement’ that would really do nothing but make him look good and supposedly commit the US to unilateral decreases in emissions.

In the end, the Chinese did sign on to a non-binding agreement after our President had a temper tantrum and the conference ended with a whimper and a pile of ‘face-saving’ PR statements by the participants.          *Top

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