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-NCIS and NCIS LA turns the Ft. Hood Muslim Story on its Ear

by Dr. D ~ December 16th, 2009

image Last night on NCIS and NCIS LA, the TV series writers turned the Ft. Hood story of Muslim Major Hasan on its ear. Obviously they were figuring that all of us bigoted Americans were over due for a needed lesson in ‘political correctness’ when it comes to Islam.

After all, Muslims are the new favorite PC protected class in America and all the ‘propaganda’ that seems to run counter to that dictum in real life must be challenged in the fictitious world of Hollywood.

On NCIS a Muslim officer was killed and a Muslim Chaplain who was a friendly inclusive paragon of decorum quickly instructed us in the peaceful teachings of the Koran. Meanwhile our first suspect is a bigoted ‘red neck’ from West Virginia who really hated serving with a Muslim. While the writers are being careful not to typecast Muslims when it comes to folks in the military from the South—not so much and maybe even over the top with the ‘red neck’ shtick.

At the end it was his own family members who were responsible for his death—bigoted towards their converted Muslim son/brother till the very end when the Father finally saw the light.

My wife is always telling me that it is just a TV show—why can’t you just enjoy it?

Well I did enjoy NCIS last night particularly the bantering between Gibbs and his estranged Father who came for a visit at Christmas. But when it comes to NCIS LA—not so much—except I always enjoy the Linda Hunt character.

On NCIS LA last night there was a terrorist bomber on the loose killing Marines. The major suspect was Muslim Marine of course.

Turns out that the real terrorist is a scripture quoting Christian who gives away his Bibles to friends (gee–go figure! Just like Major Hasan who gave away Korans?). At the end he is a war crazed suicide bomber misquoting and misinterpreting scriptures as he prepares to kill off himself and the last members of his unit as a ‘blood sacrifice’ to atone for killing innocent folks in the Middle East.

I guess the lesson that we are suppose to get from this is that serious Christians can be just as dangerous, and as misguided as Muslims? Also the war over there is bad and our boys kill innocent people and they come back crazy. Hollywood has tried to sell these basic themes in a dozen or so failed movies that no one wanted to see.

For me this is no different and I will probably stop watching NCIS LA because of this blatant production of misguided PC propaganda.

Fact is that in real life there has never been a Christian suicide bomber terrorist while the same cannot be said of Muslims. Try as they will they simply cannot make a serious Christian out of Timothy McVeigh. There is not a Pastor or major Christian leader anywhere who supports what he did.

However when it comes to Major Hasan, hundreds of Mullahs and Islamic leaders all across the world praised his deeds and called him a hero.

I get it. We should not be prejudice against Muslims in America who largely live in peace and support this country as their own. But also we should not be ignorant of the threat and the challenge of fundamentalist Islam against America from without and within.            *Top

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7 Responses to -NCIS and NCIS LA turns the Ft. Hood Muslim Story on its Ear

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  2. Old NCIS Fan

    Concerning the NCIS episode: “Faith”
    Wow, what a bold step to demonize Christians by CBS. This episode was full of propaganda that perverts the truth about Islam and Christianity. It is actually a fact that if a member of an Islam family converts to Christianity, that family members are to get the Christian to renounce Christ and convert back to Islam or suffer even death. This episode made me sick throughout. I kept waiting for the 180 degree turn. It never happened.
    CBS has proven their liberal support in perverting this nation calling those who speak out against what is wrong bigots and haters. CBS is a catalyst to the dismantling of the great United States of America.
    Ducky said to the dead marine: “meet your maker” – Allah is not God so therefor he will not meet Allah.
    Tony and Gibbs both said: “one in the same” in reference to Islams God and Christian’s God. Not even close. This is common knowledge and proves the horrendous effort of CBS to pervert our nation with this propaganda.
    If you don’t agree, that is fine. Admit your lack of knowledge instead of making a unfounded attack. Then get in line and continue support of dismantling our nation.

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  5. Mike

    To the writer: People professing to be Christians sometimes do things they shouldn’t (The crusades, Salem Witch Trials, the fighting in N. Ireland) That means sometimes they break the law. McVeigh’s actions may have been looked down upon by most rational thinking Christians, but I can almost guarantee you there are “Christians” who supported what he did. Doesn’t make him right, but does invalidate your argument.

    As to NCIS:LA I know people who have gone in to the combat zone and changed drastically. It’s not unusual for Christians to warp scripture to endorse their warped views even with out the stress of combat on them. What happened is not unheard of. It’s not much different than the “Christians” that bomb abortion clinics and shoot abortion docs.

    To “Old NCIS Fan” They didn’t demonize Christianity, they showed how some people can go overboard.

  6. Dr. D

    You have a rather distorted view of Christians.

    With more than a Billion folks who call themselves Christian there are always going to be some ignorant marginal people who really don’t know what it really means.

    I totally disagree with you–there are no Christian leaders or pastors anywhere that support what McVeigh did. If you can find one strange radical group that does that really doesn’t disprove what I saying. If 100 supposed ‘Christians’ out of a Billion believe or teach a thing that does not make it Christian–that only makes them a nutty group who call themselves ‘Christian’.

    Also, there are no regular church leaders who support the bombing of abortion clinics nor the shooting of doctors. Christian leaders may oppose abortion but draw the line at supporting violence. There simply is no viable theological justification within Christianity for it.

    Frankly, I am rather tired of reading these rather popular claims that seem to be all over the place made by people who obviously don’t participate in churches and obviously don’t have a clue what is really going on within the Christian community–both Protestant or Catholic.

    However, one statement you did make is 100% true–“People professing to be Christians sometimes do things they shouldn’t”.

  7. Santa

    ooh, now it’s demonization and propaganda !?
    hypocrisy, hypocrisy…

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