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-The Plight of Christians in Quetta, Pakistan

by Dr. D ~ December 15th, 2009

Quetta Railway Station, Quetta, Balochistan, P...
(Quetta via Wikipedia)

There are around 35,000 Christians living in the old colonial city of Quetta, Pakistan but they are nearly invisible and for good reason. Even their churches are like concrete fortresses that are under constant police protection.

Thousands of Christians have lived here for hundreds of years as a throw back to the British colonial period but they are no longer welcome due to the influx of the Taliban. Now the Christian community is subject to persecution and actual demands that they “convert or die”. Many have chosen to move and tragically some have apparently committed suicide instead of facing the constant hardships of living in an increasingly fundamentalist Muslim community.

Read more about Quetta and the Christian community in an article in The Diplomat Magazine.

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