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-Dueling Jesuses?: Isa of Islam Vs. Jesus Christ of Christianity

by Dr. D ~ December 14th, 2009

Coming in the Clouds

There really could be dueling Jesuses in the future—Isa-Almasih (Jesus Messiah in the Quran) of Islam verses Jesus Christ of Christianity.

First of all the birth of Jesus is portrayed in similar ways by both religions but the results are quite different. Both teach that Mary was a virgin and the angel appeared to her but in the New Testament, God is the Father of Jesus while the Quran teaches that the angel Gabriel was somehow responsible.

As strange as it seems, I believe that there is a strong possibility that the two might actually meet up and battle each other at the end of history—That’s right—two claiming to be the real Jesus.

One who supports the coming Mahdi and tries to destroy all who reject Islam particularly the Jews, and another who is the Son of God who comes in the clouds with the host of Heaven where everyone can see Him and saves Jerusalem and what is left of Israel.

What it really amounts to is dueling scriptures—the Quran verses the New Testament.

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