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-Norway: Obama Snubs the King and Usual Nobel Peace Prize Festivities

by Dr. D ~ December 10th, 2009

WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 09:  U.S. President Barac...
(Image by Getty Images via Daylife)

President Obama was supposed to be the one who undid the perception of the ugly arrogant American President around the world and in Europe in particular. However he is already wearing thin in a number of places and nowhere more than in Norway as he visits to pick up his ‘Peace Prize’ as a war time President. The Norwegians are said to be incensed because he is refusing to attend most of the traditional events associated with the occasion.

They are particularly unhappy with him because he has snubbed the King by refusing to have the traditional lunch with the monarch of Norway. The White House has also cancelled many of the events peace prize laureates traditionally attend including a dinner with the Nobel committee, a press conference and television interview, and more importantly appearances at a children’s event promoting peace.  The recipients also usually attend a music concert and the unveiling of an exhibition in their honor at the Nobel peace centre. The US President professes to be far too busy to fit all of those events into his schedule.

Response: That’s what they get for giving the prize to him in the first place, I’m sure they already regret it. The actions of the President could be interpreted several different ways. He could just be that arrogant or maybe too busy for such ‘trivial’ events. According to a WH spokesman, it was not necessarily an award that Obama would have given himself.

It could be that as a new President who really hasn’t done anything yet, but escalate the war in Afghanistan, he is rather embarrassed over the award. This is probably unlikely. He probably is far too busy trying to get the health care bill passed in the Senate and more interested in the current global warming event in Copenhagen to give the proper attention to this ‘minor’ event.

For a president that was supposed to be so smart it is incredible how many foreign policy gaffes he’s committed during his short term. It is as if he refuses to listen to his foreign policy advisors and the State Department experts that are suppose to help the president with foreign traditions and protocol. For whatever reason he is coming across as rude and arrogant to the Norwegians.            *Top

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