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-British Parliament Passes Amendment Supporting Free Speech over Homosexuality

by Dr. D ~ December 9th, 2009

image Pastors and Christians in the UK are now free to criticize homosexuality without the fear of being arrested for “hate” speech. The Parliament passed an amendment this week allowing for free speech and criticism of sexual conduct and practice.

A number of Christians had been in legal trouble over statements made against homosexuality which some authorities considered as “hate speech”.  In response to the new law, the Chief Prosecutor has yet to make a statement about the current status of "hate" cases already filed against Christians.

Response: It would seem logical that one could have disagreements over homosexuality without it being considered ‘hate speech’. However when it comes to the law and lawyers you would be sadly mistaken. What would seem to be merely expressing ones opinion over issues and different lifestyles has become ‘hate speech’ in the eyes of some in authority–even when nothing hateful was really expounded or implied.

Can merely standing up for Christian precepts and the traditional Christian lifestyle be considered as ‘hate speech’ if it includes the traditional Christian Biblical views and teachings against homosexuality? This is not only a concern in the UK but also in other western countries including Canada and the USA.

Recently a pastor in Canada was found not guilty of hate crimes after writing an article in a newspaper upholding the traditional Christian view of homosexuality. Also in the US there are some concerns in the Christian community how the recently passed ‘hate crimes’ bill will be implemented and whether Christian institutions will be affected in some way. Some even worry that a Pastor might be considered libel or held responsible if a parishioner commits a ‘hate crime’ against a homosexual.

Interestingly, no Imam or Muslim has ever been arrested or in trouble over their teaching or statements against homosexuality. The Muslim community in Europe gets a free pass when it comes to discrimination against homosexuals. Many Muslim leaders are quite clear in their call for the eradication of homosexuality and the eventual establishment of sharia law which would deal rather severely with homosexuals.

Obviously even in those countries where homosexuality has achieved some kind of protected legal status the laws are somewhat unequally enforced. Christians seem to be subject to them but Muslims not so much. Fact is the authorities don’t have the guts to force the Muslims to comply even though the official PC designation for Islam is “The Religion of Peace”.              *Top

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