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-Jesus Christ Called for Jury Duty in Alabama

by Dr. D ~ December 5th, 2009

Jesus on the wall of the senior Home
(Image by freestone via Flickr)

They don’t call this the ‘Bible Belt’ for nothing. Jesus Christ was called in for jury duty this week in a Jefferson County Alabama court but was later sent home for disrupting the proceedings even though ‘she’ claimed to be ready and happy to serve.

The 59-year-old Birmingham woman presented her drivers license before the court as proof that she was indeed ‘Jesus Christ’. Her name had been legally changed from Dorothy Lola Killingworth to the current ‘Jesus Christ’ in a Probate Court.

Her name reportedly caused such a stir, more than a few snickers, and fits of laughter from those present in the court room that the judge dismissed ‘Jesus’ from jury duty for being disruptive.

Response: The moral of this story is: If you are desperate to get out of jury duty just change your name to ‘Jesus Christ’ and let the chips fall where they may? Works even better than a doctor’s excuse or an employers plea.

What I can’t imagine is what was going through the Probate Court judges mind when he allowed a name change such as this. There should be some guidelines and limitations to legally changing ones name. I would have thought that some names were automatically off limits.

Can anyone just legally take on any name they please? Apparently so in Birmingham Alabama—those involved in this travesty really should be ashamed of themselves. It is hard to imagine that the former ‘Dorothy’ could have any sort of normal life with her new name.

What could have possibly been the motivation behind changing ones name to ‘Jesus Christ’? For me it is tantamount to being sacrilegious or just plain crazy at best. What do you think? Any other opinions out there?

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