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-Is Obama Bringing an End to Pax Americana?

by Dr. D ~ November 29th, 2009

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(Pres. Obama by Getty Images via Daylife)

James Lewis writing in America Thinker makes the point that America has essentially protected Europe and allies around the world for more than 60 years.

President Obama now seems to be backing away from some of our long time alliances and even signaling that he is ready to swap some of our ‘peace keeping’ responsibilities for some kind of global alternative like the new EU President supports.

He has already indicated that the US could walk away from supporting Israel in favor of the Palestinians. He also seems to be reaching out to opposing dictators around the world while at the same time pretty much ignoring traditional friends like the UK and turning a back towards Poland and our new allies in Eastern Europe.

Lewis in his article- “If we sacrifice Jerusalem, why defend London?” -Makes the point that President Obama seems to be bringing an end to ‘Pax Americana’. The United States since WWII has protected Western Europe; most of Latin America (whether they wanted to be or not); free Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan; and Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan in the Middle East, and oh yes—Israel.

If President Obama leads the way in shafting Israel, can London be that far behind? After all we certainly don’t want to offend the Russians and their goal to control energy in Europe and carve out a new sphere of influence do we? Lewis contends that with Obama throwing everything into the proverbial wind that the world will be a more dangerous place with countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Turkey probably seeking their own nuclear umbrellas.

In the meantime, President Obama could be bringing on one of those tipping points in history that change the whole world and not for the better. James Lewis puts it this way:

“For sixty years we’ve lived with the fantasy that the world has become a safe place at last, and that peace is the natural condition of mankind. Let’s see if Barack Obama is fool enough to tinker with that delicately balanced contraption.

The last time a delicate power balance broke apart, the immediate result was World War I, Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution and Hitler. If Obama walks away from Afghanistan, Israel and Taiwan, we will see Europe and Asia switching all their alliances very fast. Pull out that American peg from the Big Circus tent, and it won’t look like peace on earth, good will to men, forever and ever, amen.

It might look a lot more like August, 1914.”

Definitely a chilling prospect!             *Top

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