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-Egypt: Muslim Mobs Continue Attacks on Coptic Christians

by Dr. D ~ November 25th, 2009

Save Christian in Egypt
(Image by Brian Auer via Flickr)

What began as an attack by a Muslim mob against the Coptic Christian community in the village of Farshoot has now spread to a number of additional nearby Christian villages this week.

According to reports, at least five Copts have been killed, an untold number have been injured, and many Coptic girls and women have been abducted by the mobs and forced to embrace Islam.

Eye-witnesses testify that close to 3000 angry Muslims went on a rampage and damaged, looted, and burned more than 50 Coptic Christian shops and businesses. Also many Christian families have been thrown out of their homes. So far Egyptian authorities and police have refused to quell the mobs and protect the Christian community.

The current trouble began when a 20 year old Coptic man, now in custody, was accused of having an unsupervised relationship with a 12 year old Muslim girl.

Response: Anyone who has followed the way Coptic Christians have been treated in Egypt in the last few years will not be surprised by this story. Egypt is increasingly becoming a radical Islamist country.

The Coptic Christian community (roughly 10% of the population) which has lived in peace among their Muslim neighbors for over 1,000 years is now constantly under assault not only by their Muslim neighbors but also by the Egyptian authorities and the established Sharia law which is slanted against them in every instance.

Recently a Coptic Christian was arrested for praying in his own home and several months ago a Muslim mob attempted to set fire and destroy a new addition to a Coptic church. Also authorities used the ‘Swine’ flu as an excuse to kill off thousands of Coptic owned pigs.

This is a country which is supposedly an ally of the United States and one which we send $Billions in aid to. It is also a country which depends upon tourists from the US and Europe. Yet radical Islamist groups are on the rise in the country and the general population is becoming increasingly anti-Western and particularly anti-USA. Remember, many of the key Al Qaeda leaders are Egyptians and even some of the 9/11 perpetrators.

Meanwhile Christians should remember to pray for their Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt and consider writing letters to the Egyptian diplomats and authorities protesting the treatment of the Copts and the lack of response by the police.            *Top

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