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-Happy Holidays!—An Anti-Religion Billboard Campaign

by Dr. D ~ November 24th, 2009

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is currently sponsoring anti-religion messages on billboards in 30 cities. Some of the ads are supporting the ‘separation of Church and State’ others appear to be religious but proclaim a different message like-“Praise Darwin—Evolve beyond belief”:

Response: Atheists and agnostics have every right in this country to advertise their own belief system or lack there of. If they want to use billboards to ‘evangelize’ than more power to them. I see all sorts of Christian messages on billboards all the time if atheists want to ‘praise Darwin’ then so be it.

Actually I think the ‘Praise Darwin’ sign is rather clever and humorous. But it does remind me that humans have an innate desire to seek something greater than themselves and Darwin along with evolution meets that criteria for many. The fact is, even as ‘scientific’ as evolution purports to be it still demands a certain amount of faith to totally accept it as ‘fact’ with the partial evidence before us today—actually a similar ‘a leap of faith’ and belief that atheists are so critical of when it comes to religion.

Then there’s the “Imagine no Religion” sign which is a take off on Lennon’s old song. The ‘no religion’ message is supposed to conjure up a vision of a better world but for me a world without Christianity is one that I would rather not live in. Besides, the science and progress we now enjoy and even Darwin’s theory of evolution is the product of a Western civilization that was built upon the foundation of Christianity and Christian morals and values. Who is to say where we would be today without that religious foundation.

However one message in particular does somewhat bother me–”Keep religion out of government”. This message stands the US Constitution on its ear. The intent of the framers was exactly the opposite–to keep government out of religion. You say that that is basically the same? Hardly. The government is Constitutionally barred in the 1st Amendment from making laws establishing or prohibiting the free exercise of religion:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

The statement also seems to mean to some that ‘religious people should be keep out of government service’ but the Constitution is also clear one way or another on that issue in article 6:

No religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

Recently atheists were unsuccessful in their legal challenge opposing the prayers included in the presidential inauguration in January. People of faith are still constitutionally able to freely exercise their religion in America in spite of all of the recent legal challenges to the contrary.

Soon we will be in the midst of the Christmas and holiday season which in recent years has been a battleground when it comes to the public display of traditional religious decor and music. We will be monitoring every challenge and we plan this year to establish and announce a new ‘Bah Humbug Award of the Week’ to the most worthy anti-Christmas recipient.             *Top

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3 Responses to -Happy Holidays!—An Anti-Religion Billboard Campaign

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  2. Brokeharvardgrad

    I think some of the backlash against religious expression comes from some of the dangerous levels of fanaticism that have been pushed in the media. I have posted about the Islamic militants, but in Michigan, a family was also ordered to take down a Nativity scene on a state-owned median. There is going to be a huge push to separate any type of religious expression from governmental units.

    Do you think that Darwin is used in a manner of faith? That those who believe in Darwin simply “believe” the way that others believe in Divine creation?

  3. Dr. D

    However, many simply do not look into the issue and accept what they were taught in school. Most scientists seem to accept evolution so students do also without realizing that it has not really been proven or can be–they have faith in what they were taught and in their teachers.

    Those scientists that do study the issue at some point are convinced and have faith in parts that which can’t be proven.

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