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-New Senate Health Bill Subsidizes Abortion

by Dr. D ~ November 19th, 2009

(Sen. Harry Reid by Getty Images via Daylife)

A mandate for federally subsidizing abortions is well hidden on page 120 of the new just released Senate 2,074-page Healthcare bill under the heading:  “Assured Availability of Varied Coverage Through Exchanges.”

It would be easy to read over and miss it if one didn’t follow all of the subsection references. But there it is– Senator Reid’s new health care bill mandates an option that would cover abortions that are currently not eligible to receive federal funding under the Hyde Amendment.

Meanwhile, a new CNN poll shows that 61% of Americans oppose using public money to pay for abortions. Are you listening Senator Reid? The war is just beginning and abortion is going to be front and center in the midst of the greatest political battle that anyone can remember.

Pro-life groups are just beginning to gear up their troops in opposition to the measure and Sen. Reid has already vowed to place considerable pressure on the moderates in the Senate. When the dust settles will abortion still be part of the Senate bill?  It should be interesting, especially since the more liberal House was forced to drop abortion from their bill in order to get it passed.

The battle over this issue will be even more intense in the Senate since both sides realize that they are now playing for all the marbles. Go Pro-lifers!             *Top

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