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-Circuit Court Nominee Said No to Jesus but Yes to Allah?

by Dr. D ~ November 17th, 2009

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**Note: To be Voted on Today

Judge David Hamilton, Pres. Obama’s nominee for a seat on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago, is being voted on by the US Senate today– Tuesday, November 17.

The judge has served in the past as a fund raiser for ACORN and as a counsel for the ACLU. When he was nominated by President Clinton to the district court David Hamilton was rated as “not qualified” by the American Bar Association, nevertheless he voted in by the Senate.

As a district judge a number of his rulings have been over-turned by the 7th circuit. He became known as the ‘the Judge who said no to Jesus but yes to Allah’ in one case before him when he ruled that prayers in the Indiana Legislature could not be offered in Jesus name but it was ok to use the name of  Allah. That bizarre ruling was later overturned.

American Spectator has a detailed analysis of this judge and calls him a ‘liberal judicial activist’.

Response: The ‘no to Jesus’ but ‘yes to Allah’ case is enough for me to call for his rejection. That is all we need is an another activist judge limiting the free exercise of religion in this country.

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