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-Gay Marriage Overturned in Maine

by Dr. D ~ November 5th, 2009

Maine State House, designed by Charles Bulfinc...

(Maine State House via Wikipedia)

On Tuesday the voters in Maine overturned a same-sex marriage law enacted earlier in the year. This momentous turnabout was largely ignored by the MSM as most keyed in on the Republican vs. Democrat elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and in NY’s 23 Congressional district.

Response: Every time Americans have been allowed to vote on traditional marriage (one man and one woman) it has overwhelmingly won and same-sex marriage has gone down to defeat. Every state that does recognize Gay marriage has been instituted through the courts or in the case of Maine earlier this year through the state legislature obviously over the objections of the people.

This vote changes the momentum. Since the passage of Prop 8 in California all of the momentum had been on the side of Gay Marriage. Now conservatives are encouraged—this demonstrates that a judges decision or a legislative bill doesn’t have to be accepted as the final word. The will and vote of the people can overturn it all –as it should be.            *Top

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