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-Atheist Lawsuit: Public Prayer at Inauguration Made Us ‘Sick’

by Dr. D ~ October 21st, 2009

Obama is sworn in as Michelle holds the Bible ...

(Image by Scorpions and Centaurs via Flickr)

From Pacific Justice Institute:

– Briefing is nearing a close in a high-profile case challenging prayer at Presidential inaugurations, currently before the federal D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawsuit, filed by hundreds of atheists and atheist groups, led by frequent litigant Michael Newdow, was thrown out by the lower federal court. The two ministers who offered prayers at President Obama’s inauguration, Dr. Rick Warren and Dr. Joseph Lowery, are named defendants in the lawsuit and are being represented by Pacific Justice Institute.

In its Opposition Brief filed last week, Pacific Justice Institute countered the legal arguments of atheists who said public prayer traumatized them to the point of illness. Among the more dire claims, one plaintiff declared, “[W]hen Chief Justice Roberts asked the President to say, ‘So help me God,’ I felt threatened and sick to my stomach.” Another plaintiff stated in court documents, “As I watched this inauguration, I cringed with disgust as I witnessed this special secular event again being poisoned with sectarian religious nonsense.”

Response: It is amazing that after all these years and 44 different Inaugurations that traditional non-sectarian prayers and even the oath itself are subject to a lawsuit. Now the Constitution is suppose to protect atheist citizens from getting ‘sick’ or offended at the very mention of God and traditional public prayers? How disingenuous can anyone be?

Yet this is a serious lawsuit that threatens the public display and free exercise of religion in this country that was supposed to be preserved by the Constitution not limited by it.

Meanwhile, the vast majority in America are not bothered by public prayers but actually blessed by the event in question.

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