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-The Limbaugh NFL Affair: A Scary Example of Personal Destruction By an Irresponsible Media

by Dr. D ~ October 15th, 2009

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The politics of personal destruction is alive and well and gaining ground in 2009. Everyone knows that Rush Limbaugh is not one of the favorites of the MSM and for a multitude of reasons. However what the media did to him this week should be a scary example that causes all of us to be concerned about the state of journalism in this country.

When it became known that Limbaugh was in the running to become a part owner of the St. Louis Rams NFL franchise, the commentators were off and running trying to find and repeat every negative fact or statement against him that they could find.

Some started quoting a supposed statement made by Limbaugh on the ‘positive’ virtues of slavery—found in Wikipedia and in an old article on Huffington Post. Next came the spectacle  of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton responding to the bogus quotes and called for his rejection. Then the so-called ‘real’ MSM journalists were off and running like a pack of hungry wolves smelling blood. They started interviewing all sorts of people connected to the NFL asking for their response to the Limbaugh bid and particularly the negative quotes.

Today Limbaugh was dropped by the group seeking the Rams—damage done.

Also, the retractions started today beginning with the Huffington Post and CNN’s Rick Sanchez—however the damage has already been done and few will ever hear about the retractions of the bogus quotes. After all, bad news circles the globe before the truth can even get out of bed—or something like that!

Response: I couldn’t care less about whether Rush Limbaugh bought into the Rams or not. But I am concerned about the sad state of journalism and the MSM in this country.

There was a time in America when journalists prided themselves on being accurate and balanced in their production of the news–but those days are long gone. Now most of the media freely admit that they got into the business in the first place to change the world for the better. So much for the old ‘impartial’ approach to the news.

It’s been a long time coming but folks can no longer completely trust what they read in the major newspapers in the land or even hope that the stories broadcast on TV are even handed. Most of the time it is a case of the evidence being somewhat slanted. But now we even have to be concerned about the accuracy of the facts themselves?

I am reminded of the Dan Rather bogus Bush story that was proven to be false yet he continued to maintain that it was ‘accurate’—even if the evidence was falsified. I guess Bush deserved it anyway and now so does Rush?

What happened to Limbaugh could potentially happen to anyone that the MSM chooses to destroy—that is the ‘scary’ part of the story for me. No one really bothered to ‘fact check’ the quote or even ask Limbaugh if he had actually made the offensive racist statements in the first place. It’s as if they already knew the answer and didn’t want the facts to get in the way—very scary! Almost scary enough even for Halloween.            *Top 

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