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-Does the Constitution Really Protect Us from Being Offended?

by Dr. D ~ October 10th, 2009

The Mojave Cross

Image by Chazz Layne via Flickr

The Mohave Cross is covered by plywood due to court order by the Ninth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals to protect us all from being ‘offended’ by a WWI memorial cross that has been there since 1934. The case is now before the US Supreme Court. The case was originally brought by by a National Preserve employee that said he was ‘offended’ because the cross was the only religious symbol represented at the memorial erected by the VFW.

In recent years hundreds of these cases have ended up in court perpetrated by folks that claimed to be ‘offended’ by religious symbols on government property– many of which have been around for years. Some organizations have gone out of their way on ‘search and destroy’ missions seeking to eliminate every possible religious symbols in government buildings or property—particularly any crosses.

Currently one only needs to claim that one is ‘offended’ by a public display in order to have legal standing and launch a lawsuit based upon a supposed violation of the Establishment of Religion Clause in the Constitution. Those who wrote the Constitution in the first place would undoubtedly be surprised and dismayed how the Establishment Clause it is now being interpreted and used. Recent decisions are tantamount to granting a new Constitutional ‘right’—the right not to be ‘offended’.

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