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-Muslims Pray for ‘Soul of America’ in Washington DC

by Dr. D ~ September 26th, 2009

Muslim men at Islam on Capitol Hill

(Image by talkradionews via Flickr)

An estimated crowd of 3,500 Muslims gathered at the U.S. Capitol building on Friday (Sept. 25) in Washington DC to pray for "the soul of America".

The rally was the first-ever Muslim Friday prayer event on the Capitol grounds. It was organized by the Dar-Ul-Islam mosque from Elizabeth, N.J., as a chance for rank-and-file Muslims to publicly witness to their faith and regularize their place as American citizens.

As part of the message the leader- Malik- denounced violence in the name of Islam, or any religion, and said:

"We Muslims must seek the higher ground."

He also encouraged Muslims to become more visible in their schools, jobs and communities.

In their publicity announcements the organizers stated that more than 50,000 Muslims were expected—so the attendance had to be somewhat disappointing to say the least. 

Response: This was a positive event and it is hard to characterize it in any other way. However, to many Christians it is somewhat unsettling to see the rise of Islam in America. Unfortunately some actually showed up to ‘protest’ the event which I believe is a huge mistake. It would have been better for Christians to pray with them and for them instead.

After all, how can you really protest prayers for this nation and people. Exactly what is so terrible about 3,500 folks praying and exercising a freedom extended to them by the Constitution. 

However, even though only 3,500 or so attended the event it does mark an increase of visibility for Islam in the USA and particularly in the capitol. Also in August, President Obama recognized the beginning of Ramadan with a dinner at the White House. Another event which signaled the rise of Islam and official recognition in this country.

This upset many Christians since President Obama had declined to host any National Prayer events a couple of months earlier– but now he had time to honor Islam and Ramadan in the White House? It does call into question why Islam is being singled out for such a visible honor. I can’t remember any hosted Buddhist or Hindu events by a President even though their numbers are also growing in America.     *Top

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