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-Abortion and the HealthCare Bill

by Dr. D ~ September 14th, 2009

(US Capitol building via Wikipedia)

President Obama told Congress last week that abortion was not part of his healthcare program. Also yesterday Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told the press that the president wants a bill that explicitly rules out any public funding for abortion even though he is known to be strong pro-abort supporter.

However, the current Congressional bill does allow abortion funding and this was confirmed even by the ‘progressive’ Factcheck.org website.

Response: It really is time for pro-life Christians to take action on this issue before it is all determined once and for all. Let’s make sure that the President really follows through on his word.

First of all, Christians should let their Congressional representatives know where they stand on this issue.

Secondly, I believe that prayer over this issue is essential. The entire spiritual climate in DC needs to be changed. To that end there are Christians right now on West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol in the midst of a 27 hours of prayer vigil (up to 10 PM Monday) praying for divine intervention in the national health care debate and specifically that taxpayer money will not be used for abortions. Let’s remember to support them in prayer today!

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