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-Mixed Signals from Iran

by Dr. D ~ September 12th, 2009

(Manouchehr Mottaki via Wikipedia)

The Obama administration announced on Friday (9/11) that the US would accept Tehran’s offer of wide-ranging talks with six world powers. On Wednesday, Iran had submitted a proposal to discuss global nuclear disarmament as well as other international issues.

However today, Iran seems to be as defiant as ever on their nuclear plans. According to Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki:

"We cannot have any compromise with respect to the Iranian nation’s inalienable right."

Nevertheless, President Obama continues to be committed to dialogue with Iran over their nuclear weapons program even though Iran says that issue is essentially off of the table for discussion. The administration is also hoping that International economic sanctions against Iran will eventually force them to curtail their weapons development program.

Meanwhile, the Israelis are said to be looking into all of their options for eliminating Iran’s nuclear threat.

Response: I believe that President Obama is extremely naive and the administration continues to ignore all of the signals coming from the Iranian religious leaders that are calling for an end-time scenario with a rising up of Muslim countries against the West and the US under the belief that their long-awaited Mahdi will soon make an appearance.

This is a threat that cannot be ignored nor will wishful progressive thinking put off the coming confrontation.

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