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-European Press—Purveyors of Anti-Semitism

by Dr. D ~ August 23rd, 2009

image A story by Barry Rubin of Pajamas Media illustrates how the major media in Europe is guilty of spreading Anti-Semitism and particularly Anti-Israeli propaganda. He demonstrates that fact-checking and balance is thrown out the window when it come to the Jews and Israel. The article starts out:

“The largest Swedish newspaper publishes an article accusing Israel of murdering Palestinians so it can sell their body parts. The largest Dutch newspaper publishes an article accusing Satan-worshipping Jews of creating swine flu and other diseases to murder large numbers of people. The newspaper of the British elite publishes an article by a well-known philosopher calling Israel a Nazi state.”

Are the Israelis really killing Palestinians in order to sell the body parts? Did the Satanic Jews really create swine flu to kill millions? Did the victims of the Nazi Holocaust really end up founding a nation—Israel that is a ‘Nazi’ state? These stories would probably seem rather ridiculous to most Americans. Yet they were printed in some of Europe’s most prominent newspapers with little proof or documentation. Not only that, they were accepted at face value by Europeans which are becoming more and more anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic.

These are just some of the more blatant  examples, more subtle propaganda goes unquestioned almost daily in Europe. There is little or no support for the State of Israel now among the Europeans. Nearly every bad report is unquestionably accepted when it comes to the Israelis.

Some have blamed the increasing anti-Semitism on the exponential growth of the European Muslim community. However of lot of it has deep historical roots that can’t be dismissed by anything more recent.

The idea that Satan worshipping Jews created Swine Flu reminds one of the historical beliefs of many Europeans during the Middle Ages that the Jews created The Plague. It is beyond me how anyone in the 21th century could believe such a thing—but it was printed in the largest Dutch newspaper as fact!

After reading this article it is understandable how Israel seems to be standing alone with little or no international support accept the USA. The rise of anti-Semitism in Europe once more is a chilling development considering what happened the last time.           *Top

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