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-Where’s Obama’s Anti-War Movement?

by Dr. D ~ August 17th, 2009

Iraq Veterans Against the War demonstrate in W...

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Glenn Reynolds observes that :

“Yeah, funny how the fierce moral urgency drained out of the antiwar movement as soon as a Democrat was elected President.”

Response: Remember all of the anti-war protests and all the signs that President Bush was as bad as Hitler. Remember all of the leftist demands to end the war and bring everyone home regardless of the consequences? Remember all of the death toll updates by MSM? Now you wouldn’t even know we are still at war.

Now everything is fine and dandy with a Democrat in charge? Even though he is escalating the war in Afghanistan and continues to send in more troops rather than pull them out? Even though some of the generals are saying that Afghanistan is completely unwinnable? Not one word or sign from our leftist anti-war friends? Or maybe it was all political like so many of us of thought?

Remember the slogan- “Bush lied thousands died”?  Obama said he was going to bring the troops home and keeps sending more over there instead, but he didn’t lie?

Oh that’s right, I forgot–the ‘war on terror’ is over–now it’s just an “overseas contingency”. Right!

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