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-Venezuela: Anti-Semitism on the Rise Under Chavez

by Dr. D ~ August 13th, 2009

image According to a Pajama Media article by Todd Bensman, anti-Semitism is on the rise in Venezuela.

It all started in 2002 when Hugo Chavez blamed the Jews in Venezuela and the state of Israel for a failed coup to unseat him. Since then Chavez has taken numerous opportunities through the state run media to blame Jews for many of the troubles in the country and he continues to claim that they are a fifth column supporting Israel and his demise.

Meanwhile many Jewish families have chosen to leave Venezuela and the 12-14,000 who remain brace for an increase of anti-Semitism. To punctuate their new status, Chavez has ordered that no visas be granted for Jews to visit Israel and made it more difficult for them to travel anywhere.

The last few years has seen Chavez cementing close ties with Amadinejad of Iran and standing with him on the issue of Holocaust denial and against the existence of the State of Israel.

Recently the rhetoric of anti-Semitism has escalated due to Israel’s support for the ouster of Chavez’s buddy Manuel Zelaya of Honduras.

Earlier this year in January a synagogue was broken into and desecrated by alleged Chavez supporters. Lately graffiti with the message:  “Kill the Jews” and the like has begun to show up on buildings and walls all around the Jewish community. So far the anti-Semitic drumbeat has not led to any real violence against Jews but the pogroms and violent persecutions of the past have always started with rhetoric and in this case the tirades are coming from the dictator himself and the state-run media—not a good sign.

Response: One wonders how the world will respond if the persecution of Jews in Venezuela is taken to a new level. Christians should be supporting these Jewish families in prayer and through political pressure.            *Top

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