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-29 Deaths Worldwide from RU-486

by Dr. D ~ August 5th, 2009

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There is a general perception that RU-486 is a safe do-it-your-self drug for inducing abortion. It was approved for use in the USA by the FDA in 2000. Since then 8 women have died using the pill in the United States along with over 200 hospitalizations. Now according to this report, over 29 have died worldwide from the affects of the pill. Of coarse this doesn’t even begin to count the thousands of babies which have been killed from its use.

Response: Better medical supervision is obviously called for in the use of this drug. Also this report comes at a time when the Obama administration is said to be in favor of forcing pharmacists in the US to dispense the drug along with others like the ‘morning-after’ pill regardless of their ethical or religious views on abortion. This potential policy needs to be reviewed in the light of the number of needless deaths coming as a result of this drug if nothing else.

Recently, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that pharmacists have no rights of conscience at all and can be required by law to dispense medication in violation of their religious or ethical beliefs. This was a deplorable ruling that hopefully will be overturned by the US Supreme Court. After all, ‘freedom of religion’ is one of the rights that is actually granted in the Constitution.

Forcing the pharmacists in this case is tantamount to violating the free exercise of ones ethical and religious beliefs and practices. All lovers of freedom and liberty should be against this type of government intrusion regardless of ones views on abortion.           *Top 

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