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-Pakistan Christians Burned to Death in Islamic Attacks

by Dr. D ~ August 3rd, 2009


At least 14 Christians were killed including women and children and untold injuries and 110 homes were burned and at least one church in a couple of different villages. The trouble was started by a rumor that the Christian community was ‘blaspheming’ a Koran. Local Muslim clerics encouraged their followers at the Friday prayer services to attack the Christian community in response to the rumors. Read the full story from Compass Direct News Service: “PAKISTAN: CHRISTIANS BURNED TO DEATH IN ISLAMIST ATTACKS

Response: Another case where Muslim Friday prayer services ended up leading to violence. Here is the supposed ‘religion of peace’ in action one more. Muslim clerics actually encouraged mobs of Muslims to kill Christian families based upon a mere rumor.

Suppose the rumor was even true—though the Christians deny it. After all, how stupid would you actually have to be to abuse a Koran in Pakistan? It doesn’t even make sense. Nevertheless, suppose a Koran was desecrated by one or more who may be Christian. Does that justify attacking the entire Christian community and burning whole families—men, women, and children alive? No thousand times no! 

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