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-British Quakers OK Same-Sex Marriage

by Dr. D ~ August 1st, 2009


(Picture by BinaryApe via Flickr)

Yesterday at their Yearly Meeting in York, The Quakers became the first major British denomination to recognize and authorize same-sex marriages and also to pressure the government to follow suit.

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is a Christian movement with around 350,000 members in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

While The Quakers in America are divided over the issue of homosexuality, some smaller Quaker groups in the USA have also apparently recognized homosexual marriages to some degree in their Yearly Meetings. The larger American groups do officially approve same sex unions or marriages.

Response: This is one of those issues over which liberal churches and more conservative churches will continue to disagree and divide. The real issue however is how the Bible is perceived and understood.

Those churches who maintain that the Bible contains ‘Words of God’ but is not perfect will take more liberal/progressive stands and continue to adjust with how the culture is moving. However, the more conservative churches who maintain that the Bible is ‘The Word of God’ will continue to stand for the traditional Christian views and theology which is derived from the Bible, particularly the New Testament.

Some say that it is a ‘matter of interpretation’. It is not a matter of Biblical interpretation. Bible scholars whether they are conservative or liberal agree on over 95% of what the Bible says and means. The more liberal scholars just reject some passages as being the binding ‘Word of God’ for our culture today while conservatives continue to view it all as the ‘Word of God’ for all time.           *Top 

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