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-Archbishop of Canterbury Proposes 2 tracks of Anglican Membership to Avoid Schism

by Dr. D ~ July 27th, 2009

(Archbishop Williams by Getty Images via Daylife)

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has proposed that the Anglican Communion offer “two-tracks” of Membership or relationship to national churches due to deep divisions over ordination of homosexual clergy and ‘marriage’ blessings.

The Archbishop is trying to find some way to keep the entire Anglican community from fracturing in open schism over the recent decisions of the Episcopal Church USA to make ordination and blessings available to gays.

He is hoping that the conservative members will be constrained to allow the Episcopal Church to remain in the Anglican Communion in some kind of lesser capacity in spite of their rejection of the Anglican Communions ban on homosexual ordination. It should be interesting to observe how this pans out—particularly how the other members of the communion react to the recent actions of the Episcopal Church.

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