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-Death is Becoming a ‘Lifestyle Choice’?

by Dr. D ~ July 25th, 2009

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From Pajamas Media, A quote from an article written by Mary Jackson-  “Death as a Lifestyle Choice”:

Earlier this month, British conductor Sir Edward Downes, 85, traveled to Dignitas — the Zurich-based suicide clinic — with his wife Joan, 74, who had terminal cancer. Sir Edward was frail, with failing eyesight and hearing, but not terminally ill. After fifty-four years of marriage, the couple drank a fatal draft of poison and “fell asleep” for the last time, holding hands across the bed. Their son described his parents’ last moments as “very calm and civilized.” Who could object to that? Surely, in a civilized society, everyone has the right to a calm death. Dignitas has found a gap in the market, and countries like the UK, where assisted suicide is illegal, should get with the program.

The founder of Dignitas, human rights lawyer Ludwig Minelli, sees nothing wrong with making his product available to as many people as possible. His motives are noble: death is a “human right without conditions” and a “marvelous possibility.” Besides, if people stick around needlessly, they cost the taxpayer money.

<Read the rest of the article for more stories of the ultimate Dignitas ‘patients’>

Response: The brave new world is already here! Now suicide has been made clean, easy, and preferable—kinda like in the old 70’s movie Soylent Green. Forget the slippery slope, there’s already a cliff here in Switzerland which brought us Calvinism so many centuries before—ah, but that was a different time and a different moral culture. First the terminally ill, next the incapacitated, and now already couples going together? One who is not even ill? Like I said—forget the slope!

With the national healthcare issue now raging in Congress, one of the issues being kicked around in the healthcare debate is how a government run health system will deal with limited resources and quality of life issues. If a frail 90 year old needs special cancer treatments will those expensive medicines and procedures be made available? Or will prudence dictate that  limited public resources will be spent on younger patients with a greater life expectancy and ‘quality of life’? 

With many of  us ‘baby boomers’ now becoming senior citizens and getting ready to deluge the retirement system, these issues will become even greater. If we do end up with some kind of national healthcare we will also probably be facing the issue of ‘non-care’ for older citizens with poor health and ‘quality of life’. After all some will reason, like the founder of Dignitas above, that such older folks should not continue to be a burden on the taxpayers.

Look for assisted suicide and either direct or non-direct methods of euthanasia to become major issues in the near future. Soon this will join abortion as a major point of political and moral division in this country with conservative Christians lining up in opposition. It is coming whether you like it or not! What do you think?        *Top

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