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-Abortion an Issue in the Current Health Care Debate

by Dr. D ~ July 22nd, 2009

 image Dr. James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family, is part of a coalition of anti-abortion leaders and groups that are pressuring Congress to drop funding for abortion from the health care bills currently being debated.

Those who have read the legislation complain that the health plan as it is presently defined allows for taxpayer funding for abortion and also requires insurance companies to follow suit and also cover abortions. President Obama was recently asked about this issue and claimed that he was unaware one way or another whether abortion was included in ‘his’ health care plan. Some find that ignorance to be rather convenient considering his long standing support of abortion rights.

Also, 19 House Democrats wrote to Speaker Nancy Pelosi last month warning that they oppose any bill that would “mandate coverage for abortions, directly or indirectly.”

Of coarse, Planned Parenthood has also joined in the debate and takes an opposite view that any comprehensive healthcare plan needs to include all potential health services for women—including abortion.

Response: Now would be the time to let your Representative in Congress and your Senators know how you feel about this issue before it is too late.            *Top  

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