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-Officials Vote to Ban Christianity from Lao Village

by Dr. D ~ July 17th, 2009

image officials of Katin village in Laos on Saturday called a special meeting for all residents and announced that they had "banned the Christian faith” in the village. Earlier this month the village authorities had confiscated all of the livestock of the Christians in Katin. Now the village chief warned the 53 Christians in the village that their religion would no longer be tolerated and declared that traditional Lao spirit worship was the only acceptable form of worship in the community in the future.

The Village order clearly violates Article 6 and Article 30 of the Lao Constitution, which guarantees the freedom of religion in Laos. However, officials in this village have violated the rights of Christians in the past and even forced them to renounce their faith.

In 2008, provincial and district authorities called a meeting in Katin village and demanded that the local officials and residents respect the religious laws of the nation. I would imagine that the authorities will probably act once more to reign in the village chiefs after all of the negative publicity and international attention that this latest round of persecution brings to the country.        *Top

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