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-Japanese Government Pushing Marriage?

by Dr. D ~ July 14th, 2009

(Japaese wedding by candiceecidnac via Flickr)

There is a new fad sweeping Japan: “konkatsu” or “marriage-hunting,” a word play similar to “job hunting” that suggests finding Mr or Mrs Right should now be a matter of good research and proper planning.

Traditionally marriages in Japan have been arranged by the families. In this generation with both men and women pursuing careers, Japanese young people are putting off getting married until they are well into their thirties–also they are now having far fewer children. Plus more and more young people are wanting to choose their own mates rather than be stuck with someone their family chooses.

In response, the government is now supporting new ways for men and women to meet and get connected, like dating services, in hopes that more will get married and have children. Nearly half of the local governments are actually providing some kind of matching services, particularly in rural areas.

The present demographics shows that the population will soon begin to decrease due to a declining birth rate of just 1.37 children per woman and could shrink nearly 30 percent by 2055. European nations are also experiencing similar declines in growth.

Response: Most of the developed nations are experiencing demographic declines in marriages and in their birth rates. The USA is a clear exception to the rule. With all of the different problems having to do with marriage in this country, it is interesting to take a look at what is going on in other places.            *Top

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