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-China: 140 Dead in ‘Muslim’ Rioting in Urumqi, Xinjiang

by Dr. D ~ July 6th, 2009

A panoramic view of Ürümqi's city center taken...

(Urumqi via Wikipedia)

It is really hard to get accurate news out of this remote area of China. However, what we do know is that Thousands of Muslim Uighur Chinese protested or ‘rioted’ in the regional capital of Urumqi. At least 140 died and over 800 were injured.

According to reports, the Muslim Uighurs rioted and attacked Han Chinese who are said to dominate businesses and the government in the region. The Uighurs claim that the Hans have discriminated against them.

Response: It is really difficult to get accurate accounts of the situation. According to the government, the Muslim Uighurs are the trouble makers and attacked and injured hundreds of Han Chinese. However, according to Uighur sources, most of the actual killing was done by the police.

Obviously this is an on-going cultural/religious/ethnic conflict that will not soon be resolved. We do know that some of the more radical Uighurs have joined up with the Taliban in Afghanistan against US forces so at least some of the government complaints may be well founded. Though the police put down of the protestors does remind one of the similar treatment that Tibetans have received from the Chinese authorities.            *Top

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